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Assessment & Diagnosis
PTSD, C-PTSD & Dissociation

Assessment and Diagnosis

I offer a specialist assessment and diagnosis service for three difficulties, which I also specialise in treating if you want to go onto psychological therapy following your assessment.

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD)

  • Dissociative Disorders

Why might you want an assessment and diagnosis?

  • A diagnosis might feel important to you to help you understand and described your difficulties. It might also help you explain your difficulties to family, friends and your workplace and get the support that you need.

  • You may need evidence of your difficulties in the form of a diagnosis from a professional to help you access benefits and support services.

  • A diagnosis might help you to find the appropriate treatment for you and your needs.

What does an assessment involve?

  • The assessment will involve meeting with me online or face to face for up to 3 sessions of 60 minutes.

  • I will help you to describe to me your experiences and the effects these experiences have had on your life. We will also go through some questionnaires to help me understand the struggles you have.

  • I recognise how hard the assessment process can be and so I will do all I can to help you feel safe and comfortable with me.

  • I will then complete a detailed report within two weeks of our final assessment session. The report will describe whether you meet the criteria for a diagnosis, my understanding (psychological formulation) of your difficulties and recommendations for treatment approaches which might benefit you.

What if I don’t meet the criteria for a diagnosis?

  • You may not meet the criteria for the diagnosis of PTSD, CPTSD or a Dissociative Disorder. This may be very disappointing, but it is important that the diagnosis process is based on the evidence base. The assessment process will not be wasted as we can use the information we have gathered to understand your difficulties and develop a treatment plan.

Can I have treatment with you for my difficulties?

  • It is not necessary to go through this formal assessment process to access psychological therapy with me. If you have decided that a formal assessment and diagnosis is important for you and we have worked through the assessment process, we can then discuss whether you would like to engage in psychological therapy with me or whether another intervention would be more suited to your needs.

  • I am trained to provide recommended treatments for PTSD, C-PTSD and Dissociative Disorders.

How much does the assessment process cost?

  • Each 60 minute assessment session costs £110. Payable prior to each session.

  • Report writing takes up to 3 hours and is charged at £110 per hour. I will inform you of the time required to write the report before I undertake the work. The fee is payable before I begin report writing.