Supervision and Reflective Practice



I am an experienced supervisor of psychologists, nurses, medics, psychiatrists, occupational therapists and social workers. I aim to provide a safe and supportive environment for my supervisees to deepen their understanding of their client focused work, their personal reactions to their work and provide opportunities for learning and development.

To support my supervisees, I draw from various therapeutic models including schema therapy, CFT, EMDR and ACT.

Our supervision would begin with a contract so we are clear about what your hopes are for your supervision sessions. I regularly seek feedback to assess whether our time together is meeting your needs and I will tailor the supervision I offer as a consequence.

The frequency of supervision is determined by the supervisee and I can offer supervision online, via telephone or face to face.

Reflective Practice Groups

Facilitating reflective practice groups has been an important part of my role in the teams I have worked with. Groups have a different focus depending on the needs of the group members at that time.

Reflective practice groups can offer:

Opportunity for joint learning and development with a specific or general focus

Mutual support between colleagues undertaking stressful roles

Protection against burnout

Psychological understanding of complex clients and work

Compassion and restoration

Team cohesion

A safe space to discuss concerns and difficulties


If you have a team you would like to consider reflective practice for, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.



"In my supervision with Jo she was great at tuning into what I need and helping me understand what I might need also. She allowed space for me to think and feel as well as knowledge and expertise that really helped me develop. Supervision from Jo helped me feel contained and safe, especially in my work alongside complex trauma. As a psychologist, I think I had a special skill in providing an intellectual rationale when I was being avoidant in therapeutic work. Jo’s warm and attuned style alongside the challenge she brings helped me to better recognise my avoidance, call myself on it, and be brave in my work."

Greg, Clinical Psychologist

"I have been supervised by Jo for a number of years. She is a warm, authentic and approachable supervisor. Her wealth of knowledge and experience meant that supervision was always helpful, reflective and extremely useful for my clinical work. Jo has a compassionate approach whilst also holding in mind important wider systemic influences."

Sophie, Clinical Psychologist

"I have had a very positive experience of supervision with Jo. Jo has supported me to become much more self reflective and self aware but with more compassion and a lot less criticism! She remains calm and supportive in any situation, brilliant problem solving skills accompanied by a consistent positive attitude."

Holly, Mental Health Nurse