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Confidence and self esteem

Do you lack confidence and have low self esteem that gets in the way of friendships or work?

Are you troubled with thoughts that you are a bad person, or that there’s something broken about you? So every time something goes wrong you can't stop beating yourself up.

Are you your own worst enemy? Do you make unhealthy choices because you don't care about yourself or sabotage anything good that happens?

Overwhelming and intense feelings

Do you get incredibly stressed, worried and overwhelmed with difficult feelings that make you want to hide from the world and other people or behave in ways that you don’t like?

Do you feel things more strongly than other people or get triggered really easily?

Do you feel very low, depressed and hopeless about the future? Does this stop you from making any progress in your life?

Confusing symptoms

Does your body or mind do things you don’t really understand?

Perhaps you have struggled with feeling unreal, disconnecting from what's going on around you or dissociation and you don’t know how to manage it and stop it from happening. You might have voices in your head that upset you. 

Traumatic events

Have other people hurt you or have you done something when you were a child or an adult that you don’t know how to handle?

You may be looking for help with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Dissociative Disorder or Personality Disorder and want some specialist help.

Relationship problems

Do you find relationships difficult, scary or intimidating? This might mean that you avoid relationships altogether. Do you find yourself in the same type of relationships again and again or sticking with relationships that are abusive or don’t feel good?

Long term difficulties

Have you been struggling for a long time and nothing seems to help? You might have tried other therapies and not made any progress. 


I can help you understand why you have these difficulties and help you to heal so you can move forwards in your life.


Dr Jo White

Clinical Psychologist

Advanced Schema Therapist
EMDR Trained

I have been working with adults with emotional and mental health difficulties since 2007, in the NHS and now in independent practice.  I specialise in working with adults who are finding life hard because they have experienced painful events or they had a difficult childhood where they didn’t receive the love, guidance and protection they needed.   

Difficult events in your life might have left you feeling bad about yourself, struggling with painful feelings and acting in ways that you don’t like. You may also do things that hurt or damage yourself in some way and you might experience symptoms that you don’t understand such as dissociation. I can help you to understand why you cope in this way and help to heal the painful feelings which stop you from moving forwards.


You may have found that your difficulties affect lots of different parts of your life and keep you stuck repeatedly making the same mistakes. Maybe you have tried to get help before and it hasn’t worked. I have worked with people who are struggling with complex difficulties throughout my NHS and independent practice career and I have seen many people benefit from psychological therapy and find ways to move forwards.


I have advanced level training in specialist therapies including schema therapy and EMDR, which research demonstrates can help people with complicated and long term difficulties.

Reviews & Feedback

What My Clients Are Saying


I can't believe how different I am now. I am the most confident I have ever been and I can see a way forward to keep improving my life.

Your kindness and warmth meant that I was never afraid to share my concerns and gave me the confidence to try new things, knowing that my best was good enough.


When I started this process I honestly never thought I would ever get to where I am now and I don't think I'd have managed to deal with nor put to rest even half of what I have without you as my therapist.


My Services


Individual Psychological Therapy

Individual therapy sessions tailored specifically to your needs using schema therapy, compassion focused therapy and EMDR. In my therapy room on a farm in rural Herefordshire or online in the comfort of your own home.


Group Therapy

Group Compassion Focused Therapy online via zoom. My 12 session compassion focused therapy group is tailored for individuals who have experienced difficult events or have not received the love, protection or guidance they needed as a child.


Diagnostic Assessment

Diagnostic assessment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Dissociative Disorders.


Professional Supervision

Supervision and reflective practice groups for professionals working in mental health and social care.


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Therapy room in Lea, Herefordshire, UK

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